Materiaal: Premium paper matt

Lijm: Permanent acrylic

Afmeting label: 102X76mm

Labels per rol: 440

Rol Ø in ": 4

Kern Ø in mm: 40

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Materials info

PAM81 is a premium matt inkjet paper providing excellent printing results with i.e. the Epson ColorWorks inkjet label printers in terms of excellent color intensity and brightness as well as fast drying. PAM81 comes standard with a permanent acrylic adhesive but a version with a rubber based hot-melt is available on request. PAM81 is an increased thickness (approx. 110µ) than PAM80 and therefore it has excellent dispensing properties.

PAM80 is the thinner and economic alternative.

Article number: PAM81.A018.171
Product description: White, inkjet printable paper label face stock with matt finish.
Product use: Suitable for inkjet printing with water based inks and pigment based inks in roll to roll systems


Substance: 85±6 g/m²
Caliper: 110±7 Mµ
Cie-Whiteness: 145±10
Opacity: >83


Permanent standard acrylic adhesive for general use
Minimum labelling temperature: +5 to +45 °C
Service temperature: -20 to +70 °C

Silicon paper:

Type: One side siliconized yellow glassine liner, super calendared.
Weight: 62±3 g/m²
Caliper: 55±5 Mµ

Product specifications:

Total weight: 170±5 g/m²
Total Caliper: 170±5 Mµ

Storange & processing:

Cool environment with a relative humidity of 50±10 %. Intense heat sources should be avoided.
Shelf life: 1 year in original packaging
We always recommend comprehensive testing of materials prior to regular application.


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